2017-2018 Spring

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Çankaya University Regulations for Exams (in Turkish)


1st Midterm Answer Key !!

1st Midterm Exam: 15.03.2018 Thursday, 17.30

Exam Places: NB02 (ABBASOĞLU - KARA), PA01 (KARABULUT - SEYREK), P101 (SOLMAZ - YÜNCÜ)  (placed with respect to Surnames)

Exam Content: (From Textbook) Chapter1: Linear Equations and Matrices (Ch 1.1 - 1.5) ; Chapter 2: Solving Linear Systems (Ch 2.1 - 2.4) ; and (from lecture notes) Properties of Inverse Matrix.


Exercise Set 6 

Exercise Set 5 

Exercise Set 4 

Exercise Set 3 

Exercise Set 2  (Answers (not solutions))

Exercise Set 1 ( Answers (not solutions))


Midterm1 Content: 

Systems of Linear Equations         
Matrices, Matrix Multiplication, Algebraic Properties of Matrix Operations
Echelon Form of a Matrix, Solving Linear Systems    
Elementary Matrices; Finding A-1