Semester: 2021 - 2022 Fall

Instructors: Dr. Inst. Özlem DEFTERLÄ° (Office: R220) 

Office Hours: Tuesday 14:20-15:10

Catalogue Description: Systems of linear equations. Matrices. Algebraic properties of matrix operations. Special types of matrices. Echelon form of a matrix. Solving linear systems by Gauss-Jordan reduction. Finding the inverse of a matrix by row reduction. Equivalent matrices. Determinants. Properties of determinants. Cofactor expansion. Inverse of a matrix (via its determinant). Other applications of determinants (Cramer's rule). Vectors in the plane and in 3-space. Vector spaces. Subspaces. Span and linear independence. Basis and dimension. Row space. Null space.  Nullity and rank of a matrix. Homogeneous systems. Change of basis. Transition matrices. Orthogonalization. Linear transformations.  Kernel and range of a linear transformation.

Textbook:  Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications, 9th ed., B. Kolman and D. R. Hill, Pearson, 2008.

Reference Book: Elementary Linear Algebra with Supplemental Applications, International Student Version, 10th ed., H. Anton and C. Rorres, Wiley, 2010.

Evaluation Criteria:  

Exam Dates: 

Midterm 1 :  19.11.2021 Friday 17:30   (Amfi 2-3-4)

Midterm 1 Content: From Textbook:  Ch 1 (Linear equations and Matrices): 1.1-1.5 ; Ch 2 (Solving Linear Systems): 2.1- 2.4; Ch 3 (Determinant): 3.1-3.5.

Amfi 2: Surnames: ABAY - DÜZTEPE

Amfi 3: Surnames: EJDER - SÜTÇÜ

Amfi 4: Surnames: Å˛AHÄ°N - YÜKSEL

Note!! Chapter numbers can be different in textbook based on the edition of the book but the title and content of chapters and sections are same.

Midterm 2 : 20.12.2021 Monday 17:30 (AMFÄ°-4-5-NA01-MA02)

Midterm 2 Content: From Textbook:  Ch 4 (Real Vector Spaces): 4.2-4.9 (not transition matrices!) 

FINAL : 17.01.2022 Monday 15:00

Final Exam Content: From Textbook:  Ch 4 (Real Vector Spaces): 4.2-4.8(not transition matrices!) & 4.9; Ch 5 (Inner Product Spaces): 5.1, 5.3, 5.4; Ch 6 (Linear Transformations): 6.1, 6.2.

Final Make-Up: 24.01.2022  Monday 15:00

(All covered topics are included!)  (You have to write and submit in advance an official petition to your departments in order to be able to enter Make-Up exam!!!) 

Resit Exam: 31.01.2022 Monday 15:00

 (Final Exam topics are included!)


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